11 Sure-shot Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

A Free Guide to Boost Your Website Traffic

Are you aware of zero click searches, and voice searches threatening to change the entire SEO game?

Do you understand how to attract visitors to your site when most of the traffic comes from mobile devices?
Are you in sync with those experts who are once again putting their weight behind e-mail campaigns rather than social media ad campaigns?
To answer the queries of many coaches, entrepreneurs and small business owners here we have introduced a few basic concepts and opinions of multiple experts about how to drive more traffic to their personal branding as well as business websites.

As searches in Google go from text to voice enabled, from clicks to zero clicks, we hope this short guide will help you to find answers all by yourself on how to attract more traffic to your websites and scale your business.

Here we have discussed 11 sure shot ways to drive traffic to your website:

1. Giveaways/Freebies
2. Posting Long-form Contents in Website
3. Leveraging Email Lists
4. Using Link Building Strategies for Your Website
5. Guest Blogging/Posting
6. Driving Traffic to Your Site from YouTube Channel
7. Optimize Web Contents for Voice Search
8. Importance of Internal Link Building
9. Doing CTR optimization of your Website
10. Mobile Optimization
11. Zero Click Search and Optimizing Your Site Content