The “About Us” page is the perfect place to express your business’s unique identity. It is an important page of your website.

“About” page helps to connect with your visitors, it is through this section you get to introduce your business with them.

Your “About” page allows your visitors to get a brief about you and your business. You also get to highlight the philosophy that drives your business.

The “About Us” page is the best place to provide useful information to convert your visitors to potential leads.

How to write a good “About Us” page that attracts visitors? 

The process starts with the words and thoughts on the page. When it comes to knowing how to write your “About” page, summing up your experience, philosophy and service can be nothing short of daunting. But luckily there are many resources on the web and many professional copywriters available online to help you out on this.

Crafting a trustworthy story of your business evolution is a really important foundational element for the success of your business.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind while you craft the words in the about page:

3. Think from your Customer’s Perspective:

Your ability to gel with the visitors and put yourself in their shoe’s matters. It does not need to be all about you. Think about the problems/challenges you can solve for your customers. Craft a buyer persona and buyer’s journey before you start thinking what words and tone you should set on this page.

2. What makes you Unique:

Why your visitors will visit your site again and again? What is unique in your service? What can differentiate your business

1. What value you are offering:

This is a vital element of the “About Us” page. The value you offer begets the visitor you want or perhaps the number of followers you get. The value you offer should be unique, meaningful, transformational and implementable.

What Elements should you put in the “About” page to keep the Visitors Engaged:

5. What are your beliefs:

The “About Us” section can effectively communicate your business’s values, mission and vision and how they may align with a potential customer”s goals.

4. Your journey:

Your business journey what, when, where and how you have started the business and developed with time. Keep it real and very clear that you are here to solve their problems.

3. Your Story:

Tell an engaging story about how your business has started, the initial struggles you have faced and how you have achieved milestones through history.

2. Be Authentic:

Include pictures, share your and your team’s picture. It will help in giving an authentic experience to your visitors. People like to see with whom they are dealing with.

1. Call to action:

In the end, finish it with a call-to-action(CTA). This is very essential, don’t leave your visitors in thoughts. With a compelling call to action like “Contact Us” or “Message Us” or a free download option, you need to sum up the “About Us” page.

Checklist for About Us Contents

These are the few things which will help you to write a good “About Us” page to attract visitors.